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Social Marketing

Did you know that currently well over 150 million people enter the internet's "Web 2.0 universe" daily? That's talking about websites like Facebook.com, Twitter.com and YouTube.com

Research shows that these type of online social networks have already eclipsed the traffic from the major search engines like Google and Yahoo! YouTube alone already has double the traffic of Google and that number is growing daily...

If your company is not presently tapping into the power of these major online social networks using "social marketing", then you're missing out on the easiest, fastest way to access well over 67% of today's internet users.

It's all about engagement and "viral buzz"...

At jairus, we understand how to put these social networking sites to work for your business and brand. It's all about creating engagement between you and your prospective clients and generating viral "buzz"... lots of it!

Business leads generated this way typically convert into sales on an average of 667% better than cold leads. So even if you reach less people through social marketing, your conversions will be far higher.

Another great advantage of social marketing is that in the process of generating all this "buzz" and interest in your business, you are able to strategically build incoming links to your website with all the attendant SEO benefits, increase your website traffic and promote your brand.

Some more interesting web 2.0 stats...

Still not convinced you should be looking seriously at social marketing for your business?

We've got a few more numbers for you...

  • Facebook with over one billion registered user accounts now gets more traffic than Google.
  • Over half of Facebook's registered members visit the site every single day and spend an average of 30 minutes on the site daily!
  • There are currently over 250 million Twitter accounts and 64% of Twitter users are over 39 years old.
  • YouTube currently gets over 50 million unique visitors per month, over half a billion visitors a year.

You really should be talking to jairus about your own custom social marketing program!

Just imagine what a small percentage of all that web 2.0 traffic could do for your business.

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